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Schools at sea

We coined the term "Sea Education" to indicate the training, especially of young people, towards a better knowledge of the marine environment and the development of consciences with sustainable habits. Our lessons take place in the classroom, on the beach, at the port, and while sailing in the Gulf of Catania. Our students come from primary and secondary schools, both Italian and foreign.

Our current experiential educational offer includes:

Cetologists for one day (half day)

Theoretical-practical activities on the balances of the deep blue, with navigation by dinghy or sail boat in the Gulf of Catania. In-depth on research methods at sea, ecology and identikit of Mediterranean cetacean species, protection of marine wildlife.



Blue Week

Days in which it is possible to repeat the "Cetologists for one day" experience several times, combined with other field activities on the trail of marine life in parks, marine protected areas and Sicilian reserves. The modules of the offer also continue at the ports to deal with maritime professions, including meetings with fishers who are witnesses of sustainability and tradition, recognizing commercial fish species and fishing gear, and understanding the consequences of the exploitation of marine resources.

Etna and the Sea (Full day)

“Cetologists for one day” experience integrated with a land excursion to discover the highest volcano in Europe which originated from a pre-Etna gulf.





Related projects successfully concluded:



Planning and coordination of the twinning project between the cities of Catania and Trieste, with the involvement of middle school students and of the “Isole Ciclopi” (CT) and Miramare (TS) Marine Protected Areas in order to increase knowledge on the biological richness of the respective sites through direct participation, field experiences, comparison and exchange of information.


SOCIAL PROJECT SUPPORTED BY ETNAFOOD-MCDONALD'S CATANIA. Awareness initiatives on the conservation of marine ecosystems, the circular economy of plastic, and protected marine species through webinars, participatory actions for sea cleanup and monitoring of cetaceans. It included the celebration of “Maritime Days” and a competition for middle school students.


Meetings organized in elementary and middle schools, in order to inform and raise awareness among students about protected marine species present in the Gulf of Catania and their conservation.




Seaside education training project for secondary schools, consisting of face-to-face meetings and practical experiences at sea..






THE SEA WE WANT (2018-2020)


Social project supported by Coop Alleanza 3.0 and ERSU of Catania Information, education, and awareness initiatives on the circular economy of plastics and on marine protected species, including participatory actions for sea cleanup and monitoring the presence of threatened species like cetaceans and sea turtles. Navigators, students and associations for the disabled were the protagonists of the first Citizen science put into practice in the Gulf of Catania. Election of fishers, citizens and students "Ambassadors of the Sea" and "Friends of the Sea" through competitions on the protection of the sea. Thematic workshops on cetaceans and monitoring methods for associations and university students.



WE LIVE THE SEA (2014-2018)

Project dedicated to marine sports and the protection of the sea which included theoretical and practical lessons in the classroom, in the laboratory and at sea.






TECNOMAR I (2016-2017)

PON for primary schools aimed at understanding the marine world through games, practical activities and direct experiences.







MARE NOSTRUM (2016-2017)

PON for secondary schools aimed at knowledge of marine resources and their sustainable use, through theoretical-practical lessons and field experiences.









Sea sports for 4-13 years old kids. It included swimming, canoeing, motor boating, snorkeling, SUP, windsurfing, sport fishing, water basketball, water polo, synchronized swimming, trips to discover the coastal area of Catania, experiences like “Cetologist for one day”.






GOING BY SEA (2014-2016)

Training project for schools of all levels and degree with the aim of offering students a complete and engaging experience, providing them with practical knowledge, environmental awareness and transversal skills related to the marine world.












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