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About Us

Marecamp is a voluntary association, founded in 2014 following the merger of other pre-existing organisations, which carries out research, training and dissemination activities promoting coastal culture and Sicilian marine resources, with particular attention to the eastern Ionian area. Partner of the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the contiguous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS), it is registered in the Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) and recognized by the Sicilian Region. Its activities, conducted by experts animated by a great passion for the sea, are aimed at disseminating knowledge about cetaceans to a wide public, and at supporting the availability of data on the health status of the different species for the scientific community and decision-makers. The main aim is to encourage the maintenance of marine mammal populations in Sicilian waters, guiding the community towards the adoption of good sustainable practices, and offering ideas to orientate management plans aimed at protecting threatened species and environments. Part of the association's proceeds are allocated to the realization of free experiences for less fortunate children, and to support scientific research and protection activities for cetaceans resident in the Gulf of Catania promoted as part of its historic program "Dolphin watching and Conservation in the Gulf of Catania”.

The Marecamp family is made up of:

Dario Garofalo
Dario Garofalo/ President /
From world endurance champion to captain of the Green Ice
Clara MONACO/ Scientific director /
Marine biologist, expert in delphinids ethology
Alessandra RAFFA
Alessandra RAFFA/ Tutor and observer /
Marine biologist, specialized in environmental impact
Stefano FLORIDIA/ Stranding manager /
Marine biologist and tutor
Giuliana PELLEGRINO/ Observer /
MMO on Mediterranean ferries
Carolina PETRALIA/ Observer /
Naturalist and environmental educator
Carla TUMINO/ Observer and science communicator /
PhD student in delphinids bioacoustics
Paola GAROFALO/ Designer /
Secretariat and Information Office
Salvo PRICOCO/ Skipper /
Skipper on Marecamp boats
Riccardo LANZAFAME/ web /
IT Consultant
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And many others including volunteers, interns, and supporters

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