Education and research


We live the sea

Training project for schools of all levels and degree

Project dedicated to marine sports and the protection of the sea, for the integration between young people able-bodied, disabled and/or in disadvantaged economic-social conditions.

Among the planned activities:

- Start-up school for motorboat racing
- National Day of the Sea
- Marine biology laboratories
- Education at the sea
- Sea excursions

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The sea we want: clean, biodiverse and protected
Dolphin watching and conservation in the Gulf of Catania
Doing research on cetaceans
Sicily Bottlenose dolphin Project


  • Going by sea (training project for schools of all levels and degree)
  • Marecamp summer campus (sea sports for 4-13 years old kids)
  • Cetologist - Start (training course open to all)
  • Cetologist - Advanced (training course open to all)
  • Tecnomar I (PON primary school)
  • Mare Nostrum (PON secondary school)