Dolphin watching

Cetaceans watching

Thanks to the project Dolphin Watching & Conservation in the Gulf of Catania, the opportunity to see big and small cetaceans is real for everyone, accompanied by local marine biologists and observers with many years experience in monitoring and conservation of whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean.

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Friend of the SeaWorld Animal ProtectionHigh Quality Whale Watching® - CIMA Research Foundation    



We remind lovers of the sea and dolphins that we are the only ones to carry out the eco-tourism activity of observing cetaceans in the Gulf of Catania, respecting the international code of good conduct approved by the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Sea Black, Mediterranean Sea and contigous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS).

Furthermore, we are the promoters of the Mediterranean network "Amici dei delfini" (Friends of the dolphins) for cooperation in research and safeguarding of marine mammals operated by different categories of workers at sea. Soon we will publish the updated list of the network.

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